A Parable
by Evans and Evans - Copyright © 2001 by John W. Evans/BMI/Bonnie J. Evans/ASCAP
CCLI #3331448

Verse 1:
BDbThe BbmBible tells BbmMaj7 aBbm7bout
A Bbm6foolish and a wise man, Cm7b5F7
Who Bbm built their diffGb7'rent houses
In Bbmvery diff'rent Eb7ways, Cm7b5
One on rock and F7+one on Bbm6sand.
The Bbmfoolish man, BbmMaj7he Bbm7built
His Bbm6house on... Bbm6on shifting sand,
Cm7b5F7 And Bbmwith the blowGb7ing rain,
His Bbmhouse came Eb7crashing down!Cm7b5F7+Bbm6/F
But Abm7the wise man built his Db7house
Upon a GbMaj7solid rock foundation.
Bbm7The rains came Eb7and the winds blew
Ab7And they beat aCm7b5gainst that F7house
So if Bbmyou are wise,BbmMaj7
You'll Bbm7build your Bbm6house on...
Bbm6On solid rock.Cm7b5F7
This Bbmis the only founGb7dation,
There's Bbmno other explaEb7nation,
Cm7b5Build on the Rock F7+that is Bbm6/FGod!

Verse 2:
The Bible teaches us our lessons
In parables, they're parables,
Not fables which certainly enables
Us to survive the storms.
So don't be foolish and don't build your...
Your house on sand
'Cause with the blowing rain,
Your house will come crashing down!

So be like the man who built his house
Upon the rock foundation.
When rains come and the winds blow
And they beat against your house,
You'll be safe if you have built your
House on...on solid rock.
This is the only foundation,
There's no other explanation,
Build on the Rock that is God!

Repeat Last Chorus