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"Enter In " by Neil Bush & Michael Cowan
© 1994, HPP Publishing Company/BMI
(a division of Highest Praise Productions, Inc.)

*as recorded on (ODM001CD) "Rain On Me" - A Live Worship Experience

Verse 1 :
The veil was rent the day that Jesus died.
Pure and spotless, was the sacrifice.
Hungry for His love. Thirsty for His touch.
Jesus opened the door, allowing me to come on in.

He said, "Enter in. Enter in. Enter in by the blood".
He said, "Enter in. Enter in. Enter in."
"By the blood of the Lamb".

Verse 2:
Now I long to walk with Him each day.
Purified by the fire is the only way.
Hungry and thirsty - knowing that there's more!
There stands my Jesus beside the open door!

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